Natural Way teaches a plethora of ways of strangling/choking with the hands, fingers, toes, legs, clothing, improvised tools.

Closer to the brain the more efficacy of the modus.

When constricting both carotid arteries, additionally then you are also placing pressure on the trachea , doing at least some constriction of ability to breath.

IF you shut off blood flow to both carotids and the airway unconsciousness occurs in 5 to 10 seconds (very probably much less as that figure is for a rested not agitated person) If it takes you longer then your technique is not correct.

One has to be aware that IF you do it right it will cause a very severe reaction in the person when they feel like they are going to die – because they are! If you continue to restrict blood and air flow – and they WILL TRY to react – strongly but again the reaction is short lived, but you should be prepared for it. ALSO BE VERY AWARE that these techniques can CAUSE A STROKE OR DEATH! Even if you do not hold it long enough for them to pass out.

This may occur in people that have any (including hidden) problems with the arteries in their brain, so even if you are not trying to, you can seriously maim or kill your training partner, opponent.
It can happen very quickly and far easier than you may think it can!